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Diasporian News of Thursday, 27 September 2012

Source: NDC-USA

Planned demo, attempt to injure Ghana's international image.

The NDC USA absolutely condemns the planned demonstration by elements within NPP USA against the Town hall meeting, which is being organized as a forum for interaction between Ghanaians in New York city and surrounding areas; and the government of Ghana, that is, the President and ministers of state. The town hall meeting is a practice started under President Mills, and we are grateful that President Mahama has continued the practice. The town hall meetings which are held globally during visits by the President of Ghana, has afforded the Ghanaian community in the diaspora an important avenue for discussing issues which impact them directly. It is also an opportunity for the Ghanaian government to inform their subjects of recent developments in Ghana. All Ghanaians, regardless of political persuasion, creed, ethnic or religious background are able to meet with leadership of government and question or comment on policies of government.

The town hall meeting has been scheduled to occur at Marriott Marquis Hotel, in Manhattan, New York on September 27th, 2012 at 7pm. NPP USA's planned action is quixotic, amateurish, and only brings disgrace to the Republic of Ghana during a time when leaders of all nations across the globe are meeting at the United Nations general assembly. Additionally, it is an insult to the Ghanaian community in New York, who through their associations has organized the event. The proper action for NPP USA is to join their fellow Ghanaians at the town hall meeting with the President of Ghana and civilly communicate their concerns to him.

The NPP USA should take a cue from the people of United States, and their wise tradition – political attacks from political opponents of the US President are severely frowned on and discouraged when the opponent or their representatives are on foreign soil. Such conduct is even more severely frowned upon during electioneering campaigns. There is nothing to be gained from such actions except the obvious injury to the international image of Ghana, and the unfortunate excitement it may generate in a few misguided elements within the NPP.

Demonstrations that occur during the United Nations General Assembly's opening sessions are usually against authoritarian rule, dictatorships and gross human rights abuses, none of which are issues that the NPP's operatives raise as reasons for their planned demonstration. The NDC USA reiterates its view that the planned demonstration is completely uncalled-for, it is an amateurish political gimmick which will only do injury to the international image.

Osborne K. Sam.

Secretary, NDC-USA