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Diasporian News of Sunday, 22 October 2006

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Nzema Association in Paris initiates Driving Lessons & Computer classes in French, English and Akan

Nzema Association in France has initiated a challenging programme comprising Driving lessons, Computer classes and English language classes. The idea of embarking on this important programme emerges from the Pertinent Education Orientation Programme (P.E.O.P.).

This is a programme which seeks to help children choose appropriate subjects which will lead them into ventured careers and professions as well as offer them a vast worldwide job market. Also, it will help Ghanaians break the language barrier that deprives them from taking driving lessons and passing the test in French especially the road signs and the computer classes which is as well expensive for most to afford. The association has created a periodic forum which discusses with participants and parents for their unyielding support which is paramount for the success of the programme.

Children are restricted only to the English and Computer classes. The Driving lessons are open only to adults in addition to the English and Computer classes. The Association sought permission from the Mayor and the Interior Ministry which was granted effortlessly because to them it was the first in its kind amongst the Ghanaian Community in France.

Just 2 months after the Association initiated this programme, it has already on its record more than 15 participants who are taking their driving lessons seriously and about 20 people registered on their waiting list for the next session. As everything is being thought in English and French and explained in detail in the Akan language, Ghanaians who have heard about this programme have welcomed it with joy and happiness since this will enable them pass their driving test and become Computer literates.

After a participant have sufficiently taken the driving lessons, and mastered the road signs and assured him/herself of passing the test, the Association will then register the fellow with the (Prefecture) the Driving authorities and a date will be given for the fellow to come over for the test.

The President of the Association Mr. Sammy Appiah and his Vice, Mr. Francis Kodwo Nyann have put every thing in place to make the programme work with Mr. Sammy Appiah as the teacher for both the English and Driving lessons, whilst Mr. Dan Sowah, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer takes on the Computer classes.

The venue offered to the Association is Hall ST. JUST. at Val d?Argenteuil (Paris)
The programme is held every Saturday and Sunday. English classes start from 14H.00 ? 16H.00 and the Computer classes from 16H.00 to 18H.00 all on Saturdays. However, the Driving lessons begin at 10H.00 ? 13H.00 on Sundays. Additional lessons are held for willing participants on Sunday afternoon from 15H.00 to 18H.00 on request.

Interested Ghanaians of this programme should contact Mr. Sammy Appiah and Mr. Kodwo Nyann on 0622303561 and 0627498205 respectively for registration.