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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Source: New York National Council of Ghanaian Associations

New York Summer Picnic Is On!

Bronx, NY

It feels like it is only yesterday that the National Council of Ghanaian Associations (NCOGA) presented what was dubbed “The Mother of Picnics. That was summer 2011. This year’s version of the longest running Ghanaian community event is back - thanks to the collaborative efforts of NCOGA and the National Ghana Parade Council!

This year, the much anticipated version of the over 20 year-old community affair blows back into town like a hurricane over the coast of Florida. But unlike a tropical depression, our picnic is loved, eagerly anticipated and much welcomed. It is still the Mother of Picnics!

This year, the peoples' event will take place on the 18th day of August at the peoples' Crotona Park in the people's town of the “Bogey Down” Bronx in the peoples' city of New York from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. (time prescribed and strictly enforced by police according to city ordinance).

As in past picnics, the main focus remains to showcase and celebrate Ghanaian culture. A mini parade will feature Ghanaians, resplendent in their traditional garbs, accompanied by a cacophony of authentic music and songs performed by live musicians, stroll elegantly unto the picnic grounds. The rest of the afternoon will see families and friends take bites and sips out of foods and soft drinks (alcohol strictly forbidden) brought from home while musicians and djs play and spin their songs away. Dancers and gamester will dance and perform just like we do in the towns and villages of culture-rich Ghana.

Expect the Ashantis, Ewes, Nzemas, Gas, Akuapems, Fantes, Akyems, Krobos, Kwahus, Dagombas, Brongs and others to jump and bump as they proudly portray what makes them uniquely different and yet part of the great Ghanaian cultural mosaic.

Corona Park, off Tremont Avenue in the Bronx is the venue, flush in the center of the boro which arguably holds the largest concentration of Ghanaians outside their homeland. This is our way of bringing the event to the people instead of the other way around. Better still, admission is free!
As the picnickers and revelers freak themselves out, count in the large band of certified vendors and commercial sponsors who will be busy making quick bucks by peddling their wares or advertising their businesses to the proud and discriminating tastes of Ghanaians.

Look out for a special dedication of the event to the memory of our late President John Atta Mills.

Special Guests
• Ghana's Permanent Ambassador to the UN H.E Ken Kanda

• All Ghanaian Achievers – Taxi Drivers, Nurses Aids, CNAs, Security Guards, Doctors, Nurses, Store Owners, Hotel Workers, Teachers Lawyers, Accountants. Office Workers, Hospital Workers, Pastors, Hair Dressers, Business owners, Bankers, Media Folks, DJs and Musicians, Diplomats.

• The Youth – NCOGA Scholarship Alumni, All students
National Council of Ghanaian Associations
The Secretariat, NY

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