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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 29 August 2007

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Ndoum At The Big Apple.


Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, MP has said that Ghana will benefit from a leader who will work with urgency to implement known solutions to the country’s many problems. He spoke at a meeting in the New York area who had gathered to hear him speak about why he should become the next President of the Republic of Ghana.

Dr. Nduom said he had positive view about the future of Ghana and explained that he is not one those who do not see anything good in today’s Ghana or in Ghanaians. To him, since 1993, Ghana has benefited from multi-party democracy. What we need to do in Ghana is to continue to support the democratic process, strengthen it and ensure that the right people get into leadership positions. He repeated his long held belief that “…a lot can be accomplished in Ghana if we do not care who takes the credit”.

He congratulated the administration of President Kufuor for the work done in getting the Bui Dam project started. To him, it is now time to also re-visit the Volta Hydro Electric Project so that the unfinished agenda associated with it can be completed. For example, there are communities that were to be resettled but still do not have what was promised at the beginning of the project. The project included irrigation, large scale farming and tourism. He said, “It is important that we learn from the past experience so that succeeding governments are able implement the entire Bui Dam project in a timely manner.”

During the question and answer period, he talked about the National Identification System when someone wanted to know when the system would be implemented and what benefits would be derived. He explained that it would greatly enhance the financial system particularly credit information to allow a significant reduction in the use of cash. The incidence of people getting duplicate drivers licenses, passports etc would be reduced. In future, the system could be relied upon to facilitate the registration of voters. Many were concerned about the education system, particularly the practical type that will arm the youth to be able to get decent jobs and support the industrialization process in the country. Dr. Nduom said that the new education reforms aim at providing answers to such concerns but that we need to pull our minds and efforts together to ensure the successful implementation of the reforms.

He asked his supporters to follow his positive path – no insults or negative campaigning of any type. Ghanaians know the conditions they live in. They know the difficulties they are in. What they need is someone to offer hope that the quality of their lives will improve soon. What they need is someone who can implement solutions that can and will bring benefits quickly to all Ghanaians. He added that “Ghanaians are tired of divisive politics. I believe strongly in inclusiveness. My experience as a CPP person in an NPP administration has given me the strength and the ability to reach out to other political party members to find a common ground in solving national issues.

Dr. Nduom informed the meeting that within the CPP, elections are going on at the constituency level which will take until the end of September to complete. To him the national congress will take place only after constituency and regional elections are completed. He hoped that the National Executive Council would meet in September to determine the date for the congress. He was confident that he has done enough ground work to win the flag bearer position at congress. The CPP to him is in a much better position than it has been in since 1996. “We are getting our people back. Unity and common purpose are the concerns of most and for the first time in recent history, constituency elections are being hotly contested. These are good signs for the Party. The new members who are joining are bringing the kind of competitiveness that will make the Party become strong and viable.”

Dr. Asante, the CPP Branch Chairman pledged to support any of the presidential candidates who wins the flag bearer position at congress and wished Dr. Nduom well.