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Diasporian News of Monday, 28 November 2011

Source: Public Relations Committee NPP-USA

NPP-USA dares childish Koku Anyidoho

The NPP-USA scoffs at Koku Anyidoho’s thinly-veiled threat to the lives of our party’s presidential candidate, chairman and former chairman for defending Ghana’s democracy as an empty boastful rant of a coward buffoon and dares him to bring it on. The threat to kill them for simply demanding free and fair elections would miserably fail as evident in recent popular challenges to incumbent brutality. As demonstrated in the Ivorian, Libyan and Egyptian revolts, Koku and his hypocritical paymaster would be indulging in self-deceit with the infantile thought that incumbency and control of state apparatus make the NDC more powerful and capable of subverting the sovereign will of Ghanaians. We remind Koku that these are foolhardy thoughts because determined people in pursuit of their legitimate rights would not be intimidated by incumbent brutality. History is replete with obnoxious leaders who stupidly used savage brutality against their people, rather than adhering to popular commonsense and were disgracefully vanquished by the courageous and determined masses. Koku Anyidoho and the NDC should not be lulled into a false sense of complacency that electoral frauds would go unchallenged by the NPP, and the earlier they shelve their diabolical plans to rig the elections the better the chances of post 2012 election peace in Ghana. Threats to kill would not dissuade the NPP from protecting Ghana’s cherished democracy even at the peril of our lives, if necessary.

NPP-USA wishes to remind Koku Anyidoho that he will never be placed in the same category of human sophistication with Nana Akufo-Addo; the latter is light-years ahead of him. As such he must exercise the utmost restraint and respect when addressing the NPP presidential Candidate. The undeserving and cheap position he somehow acquired as Communications Director of an under performing administration should not give him the illusion that he is a person of relevance in Ghana.

Also, it comes across as funny when a corrupt homosexual in a homosexual-laden administration talks tough about using the State apparatus to crush anyone. Koku must first seek medical intervention to restore his rapidly diminishing neck and balls before he talks tough in the public domain about the balls of real men. Let there be no illusion on the part of this cowardly administration that if they are thinking about abusing their power in the 2012 elections, they should not forget what befell the likes of Egypt's Moubarak and Libya's Ghadaffi. Nana’s candid “All Die be Die” statement is simply a response to (P)NDC’s historic penchant for violence against the NPP. The (P)NDC, as known to all Ghanaians, is a party nurtured in the innocent blood of Ghanaians and has impudently replicated this atrocious behavior throughout Ghana’s nascent democracy to violently rig elections but the NPP is determined to apply the brakes come 2012.

Violent incidents in the 2008 presidential elections in Cherponi, Akwatia, and Atiwa by-elections attest to NDC’s belligerence. In the 2008 presidential election, the then Presidential candidate Mills predicted mayhem, the Kenya way, if he did not win power. But the civil NPP administration did not threaten him with an untimely visit to his “ancestors”. The NDC then mounted inciting propaganda and conveyed their drunken fanatical hoodlums in buses to invade the offices of the National Electoral Commission with guns, machetes, pestles, clubs and truncheons to force the electoral commission to declare the 2008 election results in their favor. In the Cherponi, Akwatia, and Atiwa by-elections, the NDC adopted similar inferior tactics to intimidate the NPP and has vowed to use similar tactics to rig the 2012 presidential election. Ghana’s democracy under the NDC has degenerated into savagery reminiscent of the dark ages without accountability for those who impudently take human life in the pursuit of parochial political agenda. Only in NDC’s democratic Ghana do we honor and celebrate such despicable barbaric acts.

NPP simply demands free and fair elections void of intimidation, violence and malpractices. No amount of NDC’s intimidation would cow us in our quest to protect the sanctity of the ballot box and Ghana’s democracy. NDC’s characterization of Nana Akufo-Addo as a warmonger is infantile, deceitful and diversionary. Standing up against injustices and intimidation as the Ivorians, Egyptians and Libyans did does not connote violence but rather commensurate with peace and justice. Nana Addo has unequivocally stated that “the NPP has always been the party for peace and we will continue to advocate for free, fair, open and transparent elections.” However, the pursuit of peace should not be misconstrued as cowardice. Nana stated in no uncertain terms the position of the NPP when he rightly stated, “The NPP will no longer sit and watch the NDC have their way. We will not throw the first stone, but if they do, we will rise up and defend ourselves”. We do not see this as a violent posture but an act of self-defense guaranteed by our own Ghanaian tradition and international legal instruments.

If President Mills does not make any conscientious efforts to stop his marauding NDC hooligans from attacking and coercing NPP supporters to rig the elections, then we reserve the right to indulge in self-help to defend ourselves. The peaceful Osono is not a coward, it has awakened from its slumber and we will support the call to defend ourselves to the hilt if necessary to protect our legitimate right to free, just and peaceful 2012 elections. We dare Koku Anyidoho to bring it on. For in the words of the immortal bard, William Shakespeare, “Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have seen, it seems to me most strange that men should fear death, a necessary end, it will come when it will come".