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Diasporian News of Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Source: NPP-USA Public Relations Committee

NPP-USA Debunks Kwamena Ahwoi’s ‘Koobi’ Logic

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Until the current crop of NDC operatives surfaced, no family in Ghana had illegally gone from rags to riches faster than the Ahwois. From selling corn dough (Mmore) in Kumasi to stealing their way into multi-millionaire status, the Ahwoi brothers have abused the socialist doctrine and looted our nation's coffers, all the while inflicting on our dear nation destructive policies at the onset of the Fourth Republic. Thus it is repulsive to see Kwamena Ahwoi continuing to spew his illogical arguments and pronouncements at a time when a more competent party is trying to rescue the nation from the Mahama looters.

Speaking recently as if he just learned how to string words together to form a sentence, Kwamena Ahwoi said "the largest opposition party has no track record of policies that have long-term benefits for the development of the country and cannot be entrusted with the mandate again to govern the country." Clearly, he either lacks basic understanding of policies, or he is a hopeless liar.

The fact is that only the NPP administration saw the birth of policies and programs such as NHIS, NYEP, School Feeding Program, Free Maternal Care, Metro Mass Transit, Capitation Grant, Procurement Act, and a host of others designed to rein in corruption and set the nation on a long-term growth path. The only reason why the long-term potential of these programs has been jeopardized is that the incompetent Mahama administration simply has no interest in effective governance, and is utterly incapable of managing the country.

Another illogical argument Kwamena Ahwoi made is the notion that young people perform better in government than their older counterparts. Although Ghana has some of the brightest young people in the world, those who have featured in NDC administrations have been disastrous for our nation based on their abysmal track record. They have proved that they lack the requisite experience to understand the ramifications of their actions, behaviors, and the policies they pursue. Moreover, having mostly originated from poverty, they have therefore used their positions in office to amass wealth to last them a lifetime, while the rest of the nation wallows in poverty.

Ahwoi's basic lack of understanding leads him to interpret youth empowerment as
putting young people in leadership positions for which they are not ready. Lifting the Ablakwas, the Kweteys, and the Lante-Vanderpujes from the streets and putting them in charge of policy without first grooming them for those positions is not only foolish, it is irresponsible. The NPP believes in empowering the youth. But ours, on the other hand, is more about grooming them to face the future, either in leadership or in entrepreneurial endeavors. Governance entails having the experience to do the job, and the temperament to remain cordial even against opponents. NDC has neither.

Ahwoi demonstrated a gross misunderstanding of human character when he said:
"The difference between the personality of John Dramani Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo is that, John Mahama is humble, he is respectful, he does not speak by heart, I mean he thinks carefully before making any utterances. When I was a minister several years ago, he held a deputy ministerial portfolio. But up to date even as President, he gives me that respect and calls me Uncle Kwamena and salutes me."

That means we are to believe Mahama thought carefully when he made the following remarks: "Yentie obiara," "I am like a dead goat," "Ashantis would not like me even if I pave their streets with gold," "Vote for me because I am a Northerner," "Dumsor will be a thing of the past in one year (2012)," etc, etc. Even more infantile is the fact that Kwamena Ahwoi is happy to be called "Uncle Kwamena" by the president who turns around and insults members of the Fante Confederacy, while at the same time he has alienated them from governance.

If one is looking for logical arguments from Kwamena Ahwoi, one is again disappointed with the following submissions: "The NDC remains united. NPP today is disintegrated. They don't have a Chairman, a General Secretary and 1st National Vice Chairman. Victory is associated with unity." He further said the unity within the NDC had made it possible for the party to launch its manifesto, a document that he claimed has development as its objective.

For the record, the NDC has split twice since 1992. Due to divisive politics, the Obed Asamoah faction split in 2008, followed by the Nana Konadu Rawlings faction in 2012, to form their own parties. Conversely, the NPP has remained together for the past 24 years due to our ability to work out our differences. It wasn't until the Mahama administration began to influence certain party officers that the NPP followed due process to suspend those who were working against the party's interest. The suspension is an indication that in an NPP government, no official would be too big to escape justice, which is a far cry from the NDC government which is notorious for protecting thieving officials.

With regards to the NDC manifesto having development as its objective, let's ask what happened to their past manifestos? This is a party that sees a manifesto as a propaganda piece in which they make promises they have no intention of fulfilling. That explains why after 16 years in government, the NDC has nothing but a trail of broken promises to show. In fact, IMANI recently ascertained that the Mahama administration had fulfilled only a fraction of the promises they made in their 2012 manifesto. That is why Ghanaians are not buying their latest promises.

But perhaps the worst case of ill-logic and grotesque deception is the fact that Kwamena Ahwoi had the temerity to go and praise Dr. K. A. Busia in the Brong Ahafo Region last week. This is the same Kwamena Ahwoi who called Dr. Busia a "puppet of American and British imperialism" during the 1969 election campaign. As a communist sixth-form student at Opoku Ware Secondary School in Kumasi, Ahwoi went as far as removing Dr. Busia's campaign posters from the VW Beetle belonging to Father Abrampa from Brong Ahafo, the school's Catholic Priest. The people of Brong Ahafo will not be deceived again this time.

The NDC has thrived on lies and deception led by their old sidelined horses like Kwamena Ahwoi. But Ghanaians have seen through their propaganda, and now the NDC is having difficulty connecting with the people. But it is election season so they have resorted to all manner of deceptive tactics including outright lies and misrepresentations. Yet even in this pursuit, one must at least be logical, a concept completely foreign to the likes of Kwamena Ahwoi.

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