Diasporian News of Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Source: NPP Holland-Amsterdam

NPP Holland Reacts To Disparaging Statement

It is very excruciating and unfair for the NDC Amsterdam Branch to accuse the New Patriotic Party of being unpatriotic for foreseeing the plans of the Government to deceive the Ghanaian people with a needless economic forum which was solely meant to serve their propaganda purposes and interests.

The NPP Amsterdam has made it a duty to clear all ambiguities that have been created by the NDC in the organization and during the proceedings of the economic forum which was disguised in order to serve propaganda interest of the incompetent Mahama administration. We believe that no competent and patriotic government will present a bad policy to the IMF and turn back to seek consensus from the same people who will eventually be at the receiving end of such abysmal performance.

The policy which is known as the home grown policy is somehow set to punish workers by laying some of them off in order to cut a wage bill which is manageable but has difficulties being managed due to a deficit which was incurred through the profligate expenditure of the government. We in the NPP through our parliamentary body have provided feasible solutions and suggestions but all of these pragmatic economic solutions have been ignored.

We are not astonished by the encouragement that the Chairman of the Amsterdam Branch of the NDC is giving to his party's communication team, because Ghanaians know that the current NDC government is a government which is good at communication and propaganda rather than working vigorously as a government to clear the economic mess they have created. Their communication team is by far oblivious to economic solutions for the nation so it wasn't a surprise to us when their propagandists attacked Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia for his realistic economic lectures. It is very sad for them to dare us on what "Patriotic" means, taking into consideration our marvelous performance in government which is gradually being obliterated by their abysmal performance. We must emphatically say that the economic forum was a political trap and even the twenty-two point communique vindicates our position on the forum.

The statement released by NDC Amsterdam on May 17th, also mentions a so called composition of our social fabric where young people looks for role models, insinuating that the NDC is playing this role. That should be the “Slap in the Face” that the article talks about, giving the short slightness of current government policies that will leave future generations with bigger burden and hardship than the country is facing at the moment. it is also a surprising read, when the leadership of NDC Amsterdam (in this case Mr. Tony Abban, the Interim-PRO and author of the said article), is inciting tribal politics on Social media, a platform where the youth is ever present.

The Holland-Amsterdam branch of the NPP takes a strong exception to the disparaging press release and challenges NDC to do politics devoid of denigration, vilification, be factual in their body politicking and in their submission in subsequent national issues.


Kwame Prempeh

(Chairman NPP Holland-Amsterdam)