Diasporian News of Monday, 10 December 2012

Source: BabaAlWaiz,

NDC New York Congratulates President Mahama

We of entire rank and file of the NDC USA are please to express our warmest congratulatory message to H. E. President John Dramani Mahama for his amazing victory after the recently held 2012 elections. We also congratulates the entire NDC MP’s elect, for the commanding and comfortable majority the party garnered in parliament, which is unprecedented in our political history.

From all indications, the people have spoken and have really endorsed the pragmatic and practical “Better Ghana Agenda” message of President Mahama and the NDC to propel Ghana to a commanding height among the comity of nations. Upon declaration of the results, as we were watching a life telecast, by the kind courtesy of JOY TV, we were excited to see our kith and kin in Ghana jubilating and wished we were with them. We were really happy to see senior members of our party and the ever dynamic and energetic campaign team of the President in his residence, in a joyful moment. We as well were humbled by the tears of joy we saw the President shedding, during his first brief post-victory speech at his residence at Cantonment.

Our entire members in the diaspora are delighted particularly, about the unusual ‘numerical tsunami’ that our party caused in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions-perceived to be strong holds of the NPP, which boosted our overall performance nationwide.

We therefore urged the defeated NPP candidate, Nana Akufo Addo to concede defeat with immediate effect, and restrain his party members to take heart and not to take any action that is likely to jeopardize the enviable peace, security, safety and political stability of mother Ghana.

Signed: Husseini Yushau BabaAlWaiz, Press Secretary NDC New York