Diasporian News of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz

NDC NY Commends Rawlings


We of the NDC New York, send our great commendation to our founder, former
President Rawlings for his wise decision to join our campaign towards
December, 7th, 2012 elections, after restoring much confidence in the able
leadership role of President Mahama thus far.
This is better late than never, and is a clear indication that, in unity
lies strength. It is crystal clear that, nobody can underestimate the
God-given charm and charisma of former President Rawlings. That is why the
desperate Nana Akufo Addo was trying to use the divide and rule tactics of
influencing the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agymang Rawlings to form a party,
whose congress was banckrolled by the NPP. That could be clearly seen as
well in his bizzare visit to our founder, all in a bid to sway his mind from
his party that he fought hard to form over the years.
We also extol him for urging the NDP parliamentary candidates to withraw
in the race, in order to pave way for the NDC to maintain a commanding
majority in parliament.
Just like former President Bill Clinton, whose charismatic influence has
impacted the campaign of President Obama, leading to his historic
re-election yesterday, former President Rawlings appearance on our campaign platform
will also have a boomrang impact on our electoral fortunes, leading to a
decisive victory for President Mahama in four weeks to come.
It will not be out of place for the NDC to win, because we have much
things in common with the Democrats, which is the most racially diverse party in
America, while the NDC also prides itself to be the most ethnically
diverse party in Ghana. And on the personal level, President Obama has a lot of
things in common with President Mahama. Some of these qualities are
humility, honesty, sagacity, tolerance and youthful exuberance among many.
We therefore warn the NPP and Nana Akufo Addo to brave themselves for an
unprecedented and overwhilming victory on December, 7th, 2012.

Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz, Press Secretary, NDC, New York.