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Diasporian News of Sunday, 29 October 2006


NACC-NDC Demands Apology from Kufuor

NACC-NDC has noted with political disgust, the strange utterances of President Kufuor against former President Rawlings bordering on unproven claims of treasonable conduct. It has become obvious that severe lapses of governance of the NPP government has driven President Kufuor to make panicky political and extremely desperate allegations that President Rawlings is attempting to stage a coup. NACC-NDC calls on President Kufuor to prove the allegations against former President Rawlings forthwith or do the morally right thing by apologizing to the former President and all Ghanaians for his false and scare-mongering statement. NACC-NDC wishes to remind President Kufuor that in a democracy everyone is equal before the law and none have special dispensation to malign another with impunity be they high or low.

NACC-NDC considers it a capital hilarious joke unsubstantiated claims by President Kufuor that the visit by ex-President Rawlings to Cuba recently was a forerunner of a coup in the making. President Kufuor had himself gone to Cuba just before former President Rawlings to affirm the bilateral relations between Ghana and Cuba which was initiated by President Rawlings? then NDC government. Cuba has a substantive medical brigade in Ghana and also Cuba continues to sponsor young Ghanaians to train as medical specialists/personnel in Cuba. Why go to Cuba to re-affirm bilateral relations initiated by President Rawlings? government if the relations bring to benefit to mother Ghana and they are capital sins. Or President Kufuor feels embarrassed by these Cuba relations because President Bush would not like it. References to an ?oil-rich nation? in President Kufuor?s wild claim against ex-President Rawlings was a calculated move to cause political mischief.

NACC-NDC observes without surprise the inability of the Kufuor NPP government to deliver on its campaign promises and the discomfiture of their political base which has grown absolutely disenchanted as a result. President Kufuor is therefore looking to find an escape out by unjustifiably lashing at his nemesis! President Kufuor?s loose statements on the so-called intentions of former President Rawlings to destabilize the nation because of his international travels is nothing but a diversionary scheme as he does frequently anytime the NPP government is in dire political trouble.

President Rawlings was invited by NDC-Germany and the Social Democratic Forum of Germany to speak on Democracy, Human Rights and Economic Development in Africa. He then proceeded to London to honor an invitation by South Bank University to speak on the contribution of Africa to modern history to mark Black History Month. In Germany, he addressed a large crowd of enthusiasts and the local radio stations and launched new executives of NDC-Hamburg. In London, he addressed the topic of why Africa is developmentally backward notwithstanding its very rich natural resources. Are these not what a Patriot, a Party Founder and a Statesman is expected to do?

Former President Rawlings blamed corruption and disenchanted governance on the part of political leaders. He used the occasion to query the political transparency of the Kufuor government which is awash with uncontrollable corruption and excessive greed and spoke against it for practicing ethnic politics in Ghana contrary to the foundations laid by Ghanaian patriots such as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr Ephraim Amu, Pa Grant etc. President Rawlings noted that the practice of Ashanti/Akan politics would not bail out the Kufuor government because a lot of Ashantis and Akans are not happy with his administration. The Kufuor NPP government has not delivered on its campaign promises and its political base is growing absolutely disenchanted. They must therefore find an escape out!

NACC-NDC admonishes President Kufuor to give reverence to his high office and desist from peddling false rumors against his political opponents like he did at the onset of the current NPP Cocaine scandal. Further, the president is to note that the masses give due recognition to patriotic deeds which earn political loyalties for those who they deem deserving as saviors against crude political corruption and bankrupt leadership. They remember that President Rawlings? government navigated Ghana back on the right course of grassroots democracy, accountability and prosperity.

Long Live ex-President Jerry John Rawlings!

Long Live the National Democratic Congress of Ghana!

Long Live Ghana!