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Diasporian News of Thursday, 12 January 2012

Source: Rockson Adofo

Man murders wife out of jealousy and plays smart.

A Ghanaian retiree husband of 64 years resident in France murders his wife on Friday, 6 January 2012 at around 23:00 hours. The couple with their children live or lived at 11, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau at Garges-lès-Gonesse, a suburb of Paris.

From the police’s initial investigation, the man killed the wife inflicting several axe wounds on her head. He had found a photo of a popular French musician of Caribbean origin, Francky Vincent, in her handbag and suspected the wife of having an affair. The woman died instantly from the axe wounds before the police got to the scene.

The man has now been sectioned to the psychiatric wing of the Hospital of Goness following from his immediate action taken after the gruesome murder of the wife. From hearsay, he was found deep asleep, snoring like a pig, when the police attended the murder scene. The police, according to the information doing rounds among the Ghanaian community in Paris conclude that it is only an insane person that can commit such a gruesome act, and then go to sleep with the corpse lying around as though nothing has happened.

From common sense experience based on defence technicalities and arguments put forward on behalf of the accused, thus, the murderer, the man’s nonchalance as concluded from his deep sleep is not insanity but pretence and intentional. He was once a policeman or a soldier in Ghana. He is cleverly employing some acquired defence tactics to exonerate him from total blame. Firstly, by killing the wife based on the photo as having an affair, which brings in incensed jealousy, he may not be charged with first degree murder. He acted on the spur of the moment of anger. Secondly, by going to sleep, knowingly with a wife’s corpse or a corpse lying around in the same apartment is understandably only capable of mental persons.

From these two reactions, the police assume the immediate best place for him is to section him, pending further investigations into the murder. Based on his feigned nonchalance, insanity and jealousy, he is outsmarting the police and the public in the murder inquiries. He aims at pleading not guilty based on “diminished responsibility” when the case goes for trial. This will in the end clear him of murder charge but manslaughter which carries a lesser jail term.

In France, manslaughter charge based on the circumstances the man is availing himself of will not see him in jail for more than a year, as an African or a foreigner. This man is getting away with murder.

Information reaching me indicates that the man killed the wife because of his stupid parochial-mindedness consequent upon his quest to possess cash in hand for the enhancement of his extra-marital associations back home in Ghana. The man is seriously engaged in sexual friendship with a far younger woman back home in Ghana. He probably needs money to give to this younger woman, the type of who will go out with an old man, “Sugar Daddy” of course, because of the money she gets from the old man.

From reliable sources, the couple has fully paid up the mortgage on an apartment in a building now due for demolition as by the office of the Mayor of Garges-lès-Gonesse. They had been proposed a cash payment for their apartment or are given a new apartment elsewhere. After agreeing to go for a new flat, the man then rescinded his decision but opted for money payment. The woman insisted going for the replacement apartment/flat due to having children in France who would continue to benefit from the flat more than any money payment/inducements. France has almost become their first country as they have both lived there for over thirty years. The woman was 57 years and hailed originally from Kumawu in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

I have more political issues to address, planning to drag that swindler, Alfred Agbesi Woyome to court and hence may not be able to fully engage in this murder issue. I would love to update you on this murder issue involving my Kumawu compatriot but time may not be on my side. Are you Kumawu people in France going to sit back while this man gets away with murder playing stupid pretences? What annoys me is, the man had been sick and unable to work but fully catered for by the wife, surely the breadwinner of the family. She worked around the clock as an early morning commercial domestic engineer (cleaner or housekeeper) and full daytime hairdresser at her own Hair and beauty salon.

Ghanaian women please remain submissive but clever. Ghanaian men please aspire to stay considerate, stop unnecessarily playing clever cheats. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family with all the Kumawuman citizens resident in France inclusive.