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Diasporian News of Monday, 18 January 2016

Source: Tsi-Tsi Mashinini (Uhuru Times)

Kwame Mayor Pledges to put Ghana on Religious Map

Kwame Mayor Pledges to put Ghana on Religious Map, with soon to become Worldwide Mega Church, called Roman Pentecostal Church, or Roman Pentecostal !!!

Ghanaian-born Republican Presidential Candidate, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, popularly known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", has publicly assured Ghanaians around the World, and the World Community of Christians, to put Ghana on Religious Map, with soon to become Worldwde Mega Church, called Roman Pentecstal Church, (or) Roman Pentecostal, which he will perform his duties as the Church's Worldwide Motivational Speaker, and Roving Ambassador.

The new Church, which is seeking Sponsors / Investors, and registration of new members all over the World, has publicly invited World Leaders : Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Queens around the World to become members


>>> (Objective) : Saving Souls through Biblical Ten Commandments !!!

>>> Teaching the essence of (Inner Happiness !!!), which is more important than Material things !!! --- but the need to overcome Poverty in a Legitimate, Moral, and Ethical ways of Financial Prosperity !!!

>>> Twelve (12) Disciples, consisting of Church members in Groups, will spread the Word of God !!!

>>> Priests are allowed to marry only Women !!!, and Nuns are allowed to marry only Men --- (since God Almighty created Adam, and Eve !!!)

>>> Priests may preach like Pentecostal Pastors, with Tongues !!!

>>> Singing Group, Choiristers, and / or, Live Band, will perform, or sing Christian Songs in for example, Country Music, Hi-Life, Reggae, R & B, Rap, and Blues, etc, etc

>>> Special Incense can heal the Sick, and chase away Satanic Evil Spirits, which are putting impediments, or obstacles in your way.

>>> 24 Hours Prayer Warriors, to pray for your Personal, Business, and Financial needs --- [if] you have Jesus Protection Insurance, which is only $39.99 per Month

>>> Jesus Protection Insurance, can protect you, your Family, Friends, and Business, etc, etc, from Spiritual Terrorists, or from the evils of Witchcraft.

>>> You may confess your sins by kneeling before the Cross of Jesus Christ, with burning incense to clean out Evil Spirits --- (No) Priest is supposed to listen to your private Confession !!!.

>>> Comminium to protect you.

>>> Daily exercises for Church members

>>> Business Ventures for Church members

>>> Educational Investment for Church members, example: Religious Charter Schools, Universities, Vocational, and Technical Schools, etc, etc

>>> Non-Profit Projects for Church members

>>> Annual Pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, by all Christians, especially, members of Roman Pentecostal Church

* [PLEASE NOTE]: Any Christian who participates in Annual Pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, before he, or she dies, will earn the Title of "Holy Pilgrim"

----> (A Christian Man who participates in the Annual Pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, shall earn the Title "Holy Man", and a Christian Woman who participates in the Annual Pilgrimage to Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem shall be called the "Holy Woman").

*** >>> You may register to join the new Church --- Roman Pentecost Church now !!!

By "Kwame Mayor",
(Motivational Speaker !!!)

[Private Email]: KwameMayor@Yahoo.Com

** Telephone (562)489-4010

(N/B): Become a Pioneer of Roman Pentecostal Church, by registering now to become a Church member !!!

$$$>>> For (Church Donation !!!) ---> You may contribute to the Roman Pentecostal Church (Building Fund !!!), to be located in Beverly Hills, as its Headquaters !!!

(Source): Bible Times

>>> Signed for release: Kwame Appiah Boateng ("Kwame Mayor")

*** (NOTE): >>> To be forwarded around the World !!!

*** [PLEASE NOTE>>> Roman Pentecostal Church was founded by (Motivational Speaker), "Kwame Mayor" ---> Ghanaian-born Republican Presidential Candidate, dubbed the "Black Ted Cruz" ---> (a Compassionate Republican !!!)

+ $$$>>> (For Political Donation)---> click Campaign [Website]: WWW.Democracy.Com/KwameMayorforPresidentUSA

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