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Diasporian News of Friday, 31 March 2017

Source: Uhuru Times

Kwame Mayor Congratulates Deputy Minister of Finance-Designate

Kwame Mayor Congratulates Deputy Minister of Finance-Designate, Charles Adu Boahen (Son of Legendary Professor, Adu Boahen), for willing to serve Ghana, with his Extraordinary Brain Power

By Tsi-Tsi Mashinini

The Leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC), and former Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, populary known by Ghanaians around the World, as "Kwame Mayor", who was allowed by United States, the Leader of the Free World, to "Test the Waters' of the historic 2016 United States' Presidential Election, when he emerged as "Black Ted Cruz" -- has publicly congratulated Deputy Minister-Designate, Charles Adu Boahen, (Son of Legendary Professor Adu Boahen), to serve Ghana, with his Extraordinary Brain Power.

Kwame Mayor, was pursuing Graduate Studies at the Prestigious University of Southern California (USC) -- when Ghana's Minister of Finance-Designate , Charles Adu Boahen, was enrolld at the same University (USC).

The Ghanaian-born "America's Mandela" -- a "Pocket-Lawyer", in his own right, said there was absolutely (no) need for Charles Adu Boahen, to have given up, or renounce his American Citizenship, since he has the Birth Right, and Blood Right as a Natural born Ghanaian, to hold Public Office

"Moreover, since Charles Adu Boahen acquired Dual Citizenship, during Kufuor's government -- Constitutionally, that should also allow him to hold Public Office in Ghana, since 'Dual Citizenship', is also 'Dual Allegiance'

"Naturalization is Artificial, whereas Birth, and Blood Right, is Natural", Kwame Mayor, publicly lectured Ghana's Parliamentarians.

Kwame Mayor says former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair is Extraordinary Expert in Governance, and Development, to help Ghana / Africa, but he is Academic, and Intellectual Expert in Public Administration

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