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Diasporian News of Thursday, 29 November 2007


Jamaicans Call On Ghanaian Community In France

A delegation from Jamaica have called on the Executive Committee of the Ghanaian Community In France R.C.

The delegation which was led by Mr. Anthony Atkinson and Mr. Tony McKenzie were received at GHACIF Headquarters last Friday, 23rd November, 2007.

Mrs. Dereka Atkinson is of Ghanaian origin. She told the receiving committee that Jamaicans are very much linked to the history and culture of Ghana. In Jamaica there is still a landmark of the Ashanti tribe with footprints of its culture and even many words are directly derived from the Akan languages. The food is similar and the people amuse themselves in the same way as we do in Ghana. She has therefore decided to base the writing of her thesis on the civilisation and culture of the two countries. She says it is her way of awakening the natural relationship between the two people. Mr. Atkinson said that his wife has used the GHACIF WEBSITE as one of her data base resource for her thesis and that is the major reason why they decided to meet and tell us how much we are being useful to them.

Mr. McKenzie narrated the historical visit of the former President J.J. Rawlings and President Kuffour's visit to Jamaica. His wife Sonia added that the two Ghanaian Presidential visits meant a lot for the Jamaicans.

Our officers expressed their appreciation for Reggae music and Reggae Prophets. BOB MARLEY of Blessed memory had the Lion share of the subject.

Trench town, Kingston and Rastafarian religious practice brought about the Black pride and dream. All over the world, Jamaica awakens curiosity. Our leaders asked all their questions and they received all answers.

A dinner gala was given in their honour. On the menu was a combination of Ghanaian and Jamaican local dishes. The delegation will spend a couple of weeks in France for other