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Diasporian News of Monday, 23 August 2010

Source: Nana Sifa Twum

Ghanaian Adventists In Europe Attend Campmeeting In Paris

The immediate past Executive Secretary of the World Church of the Seventh-day Adventists, Dr. Matthew Ango Bediako, has urged Ghanaians living in the Diaspora to be mindful of the need to constantly remember their roots and help develop the nation.

He said Ghana’s development, to some extent, depends on her citizens living in the abroad.

Dr Bediako was addressing the closing session of the 16th Annual Euro-Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventists Campmeeting in Paris – France.

Over one thousand members of the church from The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, The United Kingdom, Italy among other European countries attended the week-long session under the theme, “The Call of the Church Triumphant”.

There were also delegates from the United States of America, Canada and Ghana. He was of the view that, it would be grave disappointment, if Ghanaians in the Diaspora turn their back to the calls on them to help rebuild the nation.

Speakers at the meeting included the Former Head of the World Seventh-day Adventists Church, Dr. Jan Paulsen, A Senior Researcher at the Bible Research Institute of the Adventist Church in the USA, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, the Youth Director of the California Union of the Church, Dr, Roland Pollard, the Head Pastor of the Hamburg Adventists Church, Pastor Elijah Nyamaah among others

Dr. Bediako who had heartily pursued development at the Valley View University at Oyibi and other educational and health institutions in the country urged Ghanaians in the Diaspora to make good use of their contacts and exert positive influence in helping to develop the nation.

He called on them to be ambassadors of the nation and be in good to position to market the country by encouraging their friends and work colleagues to regularly visit Ghana. This according to him would be an effective way of promoting tourism in Ghana.

He acknowledged the positive contributions made by some Ghanaians living abroad and the conclusive impact in the national development process adding that the many beautiful buildings and small scale industries as well as the huge remittances to folks back home, are some of the positive marks made by those living abroad and urged them to do more to ensure holistic development.

He noted “some Ghanaians at home have places to lay their heads while some are in employment because of you but there is much more to do.”

Living in the Diaspora is a privilege, “not all those who wanted to live abroad got the chance, therefore do not misuse your privileges. Use them to improve yourselves and let others also benefit immensely from your presence here.” He told the Ghanaian Adventists.

Dr. Bediako, the first Black to attain the Executive Secretary position in the church said, “God in His own wisdom brought you here to prosper and help alleviate others from poverty.”

“Remember your old parents, friends, class and schoolmates who do not have the privilege of creating wealth and help them. This is what is required of Christians.” He emphasised.

The Ghanaian Clergy who is retiring after 43 years of dedicated service 25 years of which spent at the church’s general conference headquarters in the USA in various capacities, urged the members to strive hard to bring out the best in them towards the development of their nations and the church.

He also called on them to be law abiding and live peacefully with all people.

The Chairman of the Ghanaian-Euro Seventh-day Adventists Churches, Dr. Andrews Ewoo, noted with satisfaction the role the Ghanaian Adventists in Europe are playing in the welfare of other Ghanaians

He encouraged the group to continue to play leadership role in the affairs of the Ghanaian community.

He reminded them on the need to maintain their identity as Ghanaians who are noted for genuine hospitality, respect for authority, kindness and fairness. “Above all remember to keep your Christian principles intact and let your light so shine before all men.” He added.