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Diasporian News of Sunday, 21 August 2005


Ghana Government Your Children Are Crying

So when will the government go and evacuate stranded Ghanaians from Morocco,

The criminal connection men are really killing Ghanaians in morocco with the pretence of sending them to Europe and they end up facing deportation from the authorities after they are been abandoned on the desert for couple of weeks,

Another way of getting them killed is by forcing to get some one whom they call captain to convey a minimum of 45 persons in a very small skeleton boat made (T & G) and plywoods, they gets sank beneath the sea after they are in off shore and all will be killed,

Connection men collect 1500-euros from Mauritania to through the Sahara desert to Europe, you can be killed, 900-euros from Morocco to Europe you can be killed.

One such connection men who has now run away from morocco to Ghana now has left over 100 persons in a two small rooms in morocco, he is called CUDJO he hails from BRONG AHAFO region in SAMPA,

His wife?s number is:00233(0)243299157 or 00233(0)244881738. She also collects people coming from Ghana straight to Europe,

The security service must apprehend them.

In fact it will be very well if the government of Ghana will deem it necessary to evacuate Ghanaians here as food to eat, wear and getting money back home to Ghana has been fruitless please all Ghanaians who can help me bring to the governments own nose to act swiftly and very fast to avoid further disaster.

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