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Diasporian News of Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Dr Thomas Mensah steps in where Elon Musk left off - innovation in South Africa

Dr. Thomas Mensah, renowned Fiber Optics Innovator and Worldwide Nanotechnology Expert and Author visited South Africa and steps in where Elon Musk left off to move South Africa into the 21st Century.

This Effort will emphasize Technological Innovations discussed by Industry Titans, Government of Gauteng officials and Technical Experts like him at the Tech Innovation Conference at the Gahhager Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa in February 1-2, 20,

Dr. Thomas Mensah was invited as a VIP Speaker at the Tech Innovation Center in Johannesburg by the Premier of Gauteng when they met in New York six months ago in September, 2017. Dr. Mensah has been impressed by what Gauteng is doing in the Tech Innovation centers after touring and speaking at these facilities and interacting with entrepreneurs, SMES and Software Coding experts and students. He believes these centers can capitalize on his expertise, in several areas from Nanotechnology, to Advanced Fiber Optics and ICT . He will assist them in solving critical challenges facing South Africa including Water Shortage in Cape Town.

Dr. Mensah will also set up and launch the Silicon Valley of South Africa in the Innovation Hubs in South Africa. This Silicon Valley of South Africa will have Business Accelerators and Business Incubators that will focus on challenges facing South Africa. Gauteng has a GDP of 10% of Africa and can widen this Economic leadership further using Modern Advanced Technology and Innovation to create New Industries in South Africa. This will propel South Africa to the top in Global Affairs, especially in Job creation, Industrial Innovation and Economic Leadership

Several Decades ago South Africa was thrust into the Lime Light with the first Human Heart Transplant in the world. South Africa will repeat this transformational feat not in Medicine alone but in Nanotechnology Commercialization. Dr. Thomas Mensah author of the first International Textbook in Nanotechnology Commercialization will help Gauteng and South Africa to achieve this goal.

Dr. Mensah will help Gauteng to Focus and Set up Nanotechnology Factories to make next generation Batteries for Cars, Cellphone, Laptops etc. This will place Gauteng ahead of all countries in Africa in Tech Innovation. As well as create Jobs in the cutting edge industries of the future. South Africa will become a global leader in Nanotechnology commercialization and compete with US Silicon Valley companies and global centers in this field.

Gauteng has one of the most developed Transportation Infrastructure in Africa. Gauteng has trains, 6 Lane Highways linking Johannesburg and other cities and Provinces. This means manufactured goods can get to its ports and global customers very easily unlike most countries in Africa.

As Gauteng leads the way in Tech Innovation in South Africa, other countries around the world will take notice bringing more investments to South Africa accelerating its path to achieving sustainable economic development and Technological Leadership in Africa and beyond. The Tech Innovation Conference has set the tone for Innovation in South Africa, and we will help the team identify Industry Specific Programs that will create more jobs in South Africa and help solve challenges facing South Africa.