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Diasporian News of Saturday, 9 October 2010

Source: Reggie Tagoe

Dayana Biney hits the trail with 4 books

Dayana Akosua Adu Biney appears to be changing the face of the Ghanaian in Italy. After Ghanaweb, on Oct. 28 2009, published a story on her illustrious career as the only African female newscaster on Italian TV, she has again hit the trail with 4 books on the trot to add to her credits.

The four books – ‘Mysteries of the Lord’s Supper’, ‘The Table of the Lord’, ‘The Doctrine of Life and Psycho-Genealogy’,‘The Blood of the Elohim and the Voice of Thanksgiving’ – were all launched at a ceremony in the northern Italian city Brescia, were she resides.

Attended by some high profile Ministers of God, the warm and inspiring night at which many Ghanaians youths were present, told a story of its own about Ghanaians in Italy and the turning point as they continue to break the back of impediments in the society and making it to a successful end.

Dayana, who is also an evangelist, a pastor, gospel artiste, a cultural mediator and journalist working with Rete Brescia TV network is seeing her busy career reaching incredible heights. She opened up to the gathering at the launching with an infectious smile doing a couple of songs with gospel artiste, Anne Marie, before telling her story about the four amazing books which speaks volumes about spiritual matters. “It’s a life experience and my call in life motivated me to write these books,” she told the gathering and continued, “they are purely spiritual and yet deal with every aspect of human life. I work as a journalist, cultural mediator, a pastor and musician, therefore the books are a combination of all the things I do.”

Giving briefs about each book she mentioned in her accounts (intermittently breaking into songs to glorify God) that the first book, ‘Mysteries of the Lord’s Supper’, is a 300-page book with 16 chapters and that includes what is the ‘Eucharist’ and its purpose. “The book centres on the fact that the true ‘Eucharist’ is celebrated with an ‘act of praise’. I argued that it is useless to celebrate the Lord’s Supper if we don’t learn the act of praise, for to celebrate the Lord’s Supper is to give thanks,” she said.

‘The Table of the Lord’ - her second book – according to her, teaches on how partaking worthily or unworthily of the Lords’ Supper can cause a believer in Christ to live or die. “I also taught on what it means to partake of the Lord’s Supper worthily and what it means to partake of the Lord’s Supper unworthily and as led by the Spirit of God, gave biblical references to certain diseases ailing the church such as marital unfaithfulness, divorce, incest, miscarriages, spiritual rape, psychological and psychiatric problems as the consequence of despising the Lord’s table.” Touching on the book, ‘The Doctrine of Life & Psycho-Genealogy’, she indicated that the 291 page book, also with 16 chapters, gives the biblical definition of life and God’s doctrine of life or God’s law on life. “I expounded on the eternity of life and its different modes of transmission to our progeny.

The chapters begun with: ‘The beginning of man; what the meaning of blood is and then goes on to the various modes through which human life is transmitted to another. I discuss how life is passed on through the DNA of parents, through the umbilical cord, and why the Bible demands that our parental umbilical cord must be cut when we are born again. There is also a chapter on the doctrine of life, the DNA of God. Part two of the book chapters include, what is psychological hereditary, nurture and nurturing and psycho-genealogy. All topics are backed by spiritual references and are parallel with scientific truths,” she said

The fourth book – ‘The Blood of the Elohim and the Voice of Thanksgiving’ - is a hand book for all music students, praise and worship leaders. In it, she argued with the biblical support that, the blood of the spirit or the spirit body of man is thanksgiving and that as the blood is to the body so thanksgiving is to the spiritual body of man.

The four books, before the men of God led by Pastor Charles Antwi Asare, were dedicated to God as the whole house prayed together. Among the participants were Bishop Alfred, Apostle Williams, Pastor Evans, Pastor Takyi, Pastor Enoch, Rev. (Mrs.) Decker, Pastor Tanni, Evangelist Betty (all from Brescia), Pastor Dave (Padova), Apostle Martins (Piacenza), Rotimi Oteniya (a Minister of the gospel in Bergamo),Pastor Osahon, Evangelist Betty, Thomas Andrews(gospel artiste), Obed - the worshipper(gospel artiste). Also present were, Rabbi Radio, Rete Brescia TV, representatives of the Ghana Association in Brescia, Italian Missionaries (from Ghana) and the Gospel Fragrance Child Adoption Sponsors group.

- Reggie Tagoe in Brescia, Italy.

Copies of the books can be obtained at Holy Trinity Book Shop in Brescia, Italy or through the following contacts: 3209006312; 3408417714; or e-mail: ; Adu Akosua/facebook; gospelfragrance/myspace;