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Diasporian News of Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Source: NPP Seattle

Congratulations and Welcome, Mr. President-Elect -NPP Seattle

A Message from NPP Seattle.

A new morning has dawned in Ghana our motherland. The people of this great nation have chosen competency over incompetency, prosperity over poverty, inspiration over desperation, and security over insecurity. They have voted for a new leader who is strong, visionary, proactive, and sympathetic to the plight of the ordinary people. Thank God, our country is back to a new direction where cronyism, sole-sourcing and daylight robbery of the public purse will be things of the past. The brightest star of Africa will take its rightful place in everything.

While we cannot forget about our history, we cannot allow our history to hold us hostage. The thing about history is that especially the events of the past eight years, when the country was ruled with such impunity and disregard for the people and all sound advice; we may be tempted to opt for payback or retribution. We will not argue against allowing the rule of law and our criminal justice system to take its course to bring to justice suspected persons who may have caused financial losses to the state or corrupted themselves while in public office, we should not be expending too much of national time and resources in that direction. The nation has arguably retrogressed seriously in the past eight years such that we have no time to waste. The new president must hit the ground working for the people. Ghanaians heard all the campaign promises, and they voted for us. They expect nothing less from us. They cannot be told to wait again, after waiting for eight agonizing years.
We must not wait until the next elections are around before we start commissioning nonexistent projects. Those tactics do not work anymore. Do you need evidence? Ask President Mahama and the NDC. 2020 elections start today. The people want “change and not interchange.” Politicians for whatever reason take the people for fools when they do that. Understand that any fool can borrow money to construct a street and pocket the rest. The best indicator of economic growth and prosperity is found in the pockets of the people.

The new president has promised many laudable national projects that will uplift the nation swiftly. We understand that some are long term projects. Some are also in the immediate. Even with long term projects, they must start now. Some quick reminders here are important. When will the “one district one factory” project start? How about the “one million dollars per district” financial allotments? The free education is still fresh on our minds. The National health insurance scheme, the perennial dumsor and water problems, nursing and teacher trainees’ allowance promises and the much more I cannot state now. These are “tangible” programs that every Ghanaian will see them being fulfilled. They must not wait until the next election because this is how the people will judge us. Ghanaians are maturing politically, and they will punish us for our failures.

While Nana is proven to be incorrupt, we are not so sure about the team that will work for him. When power becomes sweet, and arrogance and personal interests take greater portions of us, people will begin to wonder if there is any difference between us and the NDC, and they will punish us dearly. Be guided by the lessons of 2008. We must be guided by respect for the people, integrity, honesty, and the rule of law. The same people who are hailing our victory today will jubilate our defeat if we screw up.

Long live Ghana! Behold the new president!

Dr. Michael Newmann-Godful (Secretary)

Mr. Appiahene-Gyamfi (President)

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