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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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All Urged To See The Death And Resurrection


A minister of God Reverend Samuel V.Mpereh, has urged all to accept the annual observation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as a platform for transformation from destruction to grace in their lives.
Reverend Mpereh, held that people could see transformation in their lives only if they accept that they were sinners but were saved by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who was killed but rose from the dead to bring everlasting love between man and God.
“But this transformation will only work in our lives when we repent, read the bible and follow the commandments of God other wise we live a life of nothing where we could not give an account of the judgment day” he explained. Reverend Mpereh, was one of the preachers who read the seven lessons on the Cross to mark the Easter Friday April 22, 2011 at Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church at 65 Mayall Road, Toronto. The Methodist minister is currently doing his Phd, at University of Toronto.
Hundreds of members of both Ghana Methodist Church of Toronto at 19 Penn Drive on Finch, join their fellow Methodists at Ghana Methodist United Calvary Church,65 Mayall Rod to observe the occasion together.
Christians all over the world marked the day to observe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. On such occasion Christians clad in their red and black apparels to signal the pain and death he suffered whiles they wore white to also mark the resurrection meaning conquering death. Reading the first Lesson,” Father Forgive them for they know not what they do”, Reverend Peter Yaw Acheampong said, forgiveness is letting go of the need for revenge and leasing negative thoughts of bitterness and resentment meaning no vengeance, bitterness or resentment in a whole.
According to him, the cross Jesus carried was an indication of him embracing even those who persecuted and prosecuted him for doing nothing wrong. Reverend Acheampong noted that Jesus who cried from the cross for his tormentors now stands at the throne of grace interceding for all mankind which gives credence to the fact that there is nothing as lovely and rare as Christian forgiveness. Brother Charles Coffie, read the second lesson Jesus said unto him,” Verily I say unto thee, for thou shall be the Christ save thyself and us” noted that the first criminal who was also hanging on the cross did not believe that Jesus was indeed the messiah so did not believe he could save him.
But the second criminal accepted that Jesus was indeed the saviour that was why he asked him to remember him in Heaven therefore urging Christians to accept Christ as the saviour and he will surely save them from all the trials and tribulations they are going through.
“Then said he to the disciple, behold thy mother. And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home”, was the third lesson read by Brother Lawrence Nyarko, who said that life is a precious thing God trust into our hands to keep.
And after a period of time, he calls us to render account of what we did with our life therefore people should not see life as anything just like that but a precious thing God will ask for accountability on the judgment day. Reverend Samuel Mpereh, dwell on this statement when reading the Fourth lesson which said,” And about the ninth hour Jesus Cried with a loud voice saying Eli,Eli lama sabachthani” which meant father why have thou forsaken me.
He implored members to reflect on the darkness of sin which overshadowed the earth at that moment which made God to forsaken his own son Jesus Christ because of sin.
But God assured all through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that he will never forsake us if we follow his instructions.
Reverend Mpereh, likened life to be a candle with the wax which eats away whiles it burns down to the bottom so man’s life is which wane away whiles he grows therefore life on this earth shall pass away making the need for one to look for the saviour for eternal life.
Sister Constance Asifo, read the Fifth lesson “after this Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished that the scripture might be fulfilled said, I thirst” said Jesus crucifixion should have ended all sinful acts being undertaking by man but is so sad to observe that men uptil now are committing the same sins he came to die to cleanse us off. The six lesson was when Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, it is finished and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost was read by Brother Peter Kumah.
He observed that when Jesus started the race he could have bowed out but he remained focused till he finished the race to accomplish the task of crucifixion and resurrection so that man can have direct contact with God. He therefore urged all Christians to remain focus as they embark on the journey to righteousness to the end and receive the crown of grace.
Summarizing the whole seven lessons, the superintendent minister, Very Reverend [Dr] Emanuel Asare Kusi, said, “And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said father into thy hands I commend my spirit and having said this, he gave up the ghost. Meaning, he lived a righteous life that was why he was able to commend his spirit into the hands of God.
He made it clear that it is not an easy thing to accomplish the Christian mission leading to heaven but by the grace of God and the little effort from members to abide by the instructions in the bible, one can accomplish the mission successfully.
On Easter Sunday members danced to songs of praise waving white handkerchiefs to share the joy of Christ resurrection to the world as children were baptized to climax the Easter festivities.

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