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Adam Guillain
Bella's Chocolate Surprise (Bella Balistica)
Adwoa Badoe
The Pot of Wisdom: Ananse Stories
Bobby Norfolk
Anansi and the Sky Kingdom (Story Cove: a World of Stories)
Bobby Norfolk
Anansi and the Tug O' War (Story Cove: a World of Stories)
Bobby Norfolk
Anansi and Turtle Go to Dinner (Story Cove: a World of Stories)
Bobby Norfolk
Anansi Goes to Lunch (Story Cove: a World of Stories)
Debbi Chocolate
Kente Colors
Deborah M. Newton Chocolate / Dave Albers
Spider and the Sky God: An Akan Legend (Legends of the World)
Eric A. Kimmel / Janet Stevens
Anansi and the Magic Stick
Eric A. Kimmel
Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
Eric A. Kimmel
Anansi Goes Fishing
Eric A. Kimmel
Anansi's Party Time
Gerald McDermott
Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti
Gillian Oxford
Alpha to Omega Fiction: Anansi the Spider Man
Holly Littlefield
Colors of Ghana (Colors of the World)
J.E. Adjepong
A Legacy to the Youth
James Culver Jr.
How Anansi Learned Self-Esteem: 10 Original Stories for Building Self-Confidence and Self-Respect
James De Sauza
Brother Anansi and the Cattle Ranch/ Hermano Anansi Y El Rancho De Ganado
Kwasi Koranteng
Jaws, Level 5: the Cruel War (Junior African writers)
Kweku Duodo Asumang
Leaving Our Village: Level 3 (Today's children)
Kweku Duodu Asumang
Kojo and the Hen Coop (Ready...go (level 2: go))
Kweku Duodu Asumang
Night Watch (Today's Children Level 3)
Len Cabral
Anansi's Narrow Waist: An African Folk Tale (Let Me Read, Level 3)
Mary Dixon Lake
Royal Drum: An Ashanti Tale
Maya Angelou
Kofi and His Magic
Maya Angelou
Kofi and His Magic
Melinda Lilly
Spider and His Son Find Wisdom: An Akan Tale (African Tales and Myths)
Meshack Asare
Die Kinder des Baumes.
Meshack Asare
Noma's Sand
Meshack Asare
Sosu's Call
Pat Cummings
Ananse and the Lizard: A West African Tale
Peter Kalu
Anansi the Spider and Tiger's Stew
Roger Hall
Anansi and the Tiger Big (Literacy Links Plus)
S. Harold Collins
Ananse the Spider: Why Spiders Stay on the Ceiling (Sign Language Literature Series)
Sultan Mohamed
The Story of Coffee

More Books:

 Amoko and Efua Bear
A. Ofori-Mensah Garbage, Garbage, Everywhere
A. Ofori-Mensah My Second Book of Birds (Spear Books Imprint)
A. Ofori-Mensah Where Have All the Rhinos Gone
Akosua Abbs Ashanti Boy: A Story for Young People of All Ages
Appiah Amoko and Efua Bear (1st American Edition)
Ayebia Ribeiro-Ayeh Kweku and the Goat (Junior African Writers)
Eric A Kimmel Anansi and the talking melon
Eric A. Kimmel Anansi & the Magic Stick
Eric A. Kimmel Anansi And The Moss-covered Rock (Live Oak Readalong)
Eric A. Kimmel Anansi Fishing
Francis Provencal A Child's Day in a Ghanaian City
G. D Lutterodt The Asuogya gang ("Afram children literature series")
Geraldine Kaye Kofi and the Eagle (Read Aloud Books)
Harold Scott Anansi's luckiest day (Invitations to literacy)
J. K. Amoaku Badu goes to Kumasi
J. O. de Graft Hanson Children's literature--the Ghanaian experience (The J.B. Danquah memorial lectures)
James Berry Spiderman Anancy
Janice Livington How Anansi Obtained the Sky God's Stories (Adventures in Storytelling Series)
Jean Beaven Abernethy Kwame's Best Friend
Jean Conteh Ananse's Wisdom (Reading Worlds - Imaginary World - Level 2)
Marc Bernheim The drums speak;: The story of Kofi, a boy of West Africa
Meshack Asare Ighewi's Return (Reading Worlds - Imaginary World - Level 7)
Meshack Asare Kwajo and the Brassman's Secret
Michael Ofori-Mankata The Elephant and the Crab (Afram Aserewa)
Nikki Watson Tetteh the Tadpole
Novel Units Anansi the spider [by] Gerald McDermott: A tale from the Ashanti : Teacher Guide
Opokua Ohene The Concert
Peggy Appiah Ananse the Spider
Rebecca L. Green The Empire of Ghana (First Book)
Terry A. Richardson Kweku Goes to the Dentist
Verna Aardema Anansi Finds a Fool
Yaw A. Boateng The Young Detectives (Junior African Writers Series. Level 3)