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Kofi and His Magic

Maya Angelou

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Hardcover (44 pages)

Knopf Books for Young Readers


Editorial Description

With full-color photographs. Now in paperback, My Painted House, MyFriendly Chicken, and Me is the enchanting story of an eight-year-old girlnamed Thandi, her village, her mischievous brother, her best friend--achicken--and the remarkable mural art that is produced by the Ndebele women.With over seventy photographs of the reclusive Ndebele women and theirbreathtaking paintings, My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Medocuments the passing of traditions from parent to child while introducingyoung readers to a new culture through a new friend. "Angelou's prose, like theart, is unlike what you've seen before" (Chicago Tribune). "PoetAngelou's impish narrative and Margaret Courtney-Clarke's ravishing photoscreate an entrancing vision...." (Entertainment Weekly). To be publishedsimultaneously with Kofi and His Magic, a new hardcover collaborativeeffort by Angelou and Courtney-Clarke.

Reader Reviews

Magical children's book
This book provides readers of all ages with a wonderful look into the life of Kofi, a "magician" from Bonwire. The children I have shared it with love it, and Kofi's magic serves as a reminder for all of us of the power of imagination. The photographs are rich, and the text is soothing. Look no further for a book that will put you in the mood to daydream.

Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind - As you read this book!
This is an excellent book to read to children at bedtime or during storytime at school or church. It's a short, easy read and it's full of excellent information about the history and culture of Western Africa. Don't be fooled by the title. This book has nothing to do with black magic; and everything to do with using ones own imagination. The storyline is rooted in reality as the main character enjoys his "travels" to other places; however he always wants to return home to the people he loves. The beautiful photographs in this book make it a great coffee table book as well. I encourage you to introduce the children in your family or neighborhood to Kofi and His Magic.