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Sports Features of Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Ignorance is the cause of B/A Stars’ imminent relegation

The qualification of B/A Stars to the elite league division last year was so intense that a young guy had to sacrifice one of his eyes in Bechem during one of the matches.

B/A Stars’ qualification to the Glo Ghana Premier League brought all sorts of happiness to the people of Sunyani and its environs because Sunyani Coronation Park had missed top flight league games so much on the turf.

B/A Stars’ qualification also made a teacher forget how he struggled to get his monthly salary out of sweat in a class room by spending all his allowance on the team’s qualification but those people got betrayal as their reward when the team qualified.

Opuni, who qualified the team from the national middle league as a coach was set aside for Karim Zito, Jamboree , Mr. Agyengo, Emmanuel Electricals group were all dissolved and their efforts became fruitless.

B/A Stars turned out to be a club of owner's pals, headed by Tachie Arhin and the workers of Tony's Lodge and Sam Bennet Hardware, names not noted in football circles were appointed to the management team. A team which had no knowledge in football but only thinks about their stomachs were the ones chosen to lead the club many people sacrificed their dear lives for.

The downfall of the team was bad recruitment Arhin's administration made prior to their debut in the premiership.

Ark FM’s criticism of giving the team to Arhin as not good was rejected but has now come to bear. The team lacked effective communication skills and anybody at all can do what he thinks is the best because the communication director for the club is inexperienced and all what he do on air every day is debunking people’s allegations.

A person who only knows how to distribute drinks was taken on as communication director for a club which had great personality, skilled backroom staff who were ready to sacrifice their energy to help the club to great heights.

The Takyi Arhin led administration had certain materials in his management team who were only noted for beating referees and now serving one year suspension given to him by the GFA Disciplinary committee.

Despite all these aforementioned bad management system by the club, what broke the camel’s back and sent the team to its grave is the introduction of out of sorts former sports presenter, DJ and CEO of the traditional club B/A United, a sacked GBC presenter whom through his administration B/A United was sanctioned with an 18 points deduction from their accumulated points because of his bad administration and his bad behaviour of not giving but only receiving, into the club technical bench, who according to B/A Stars officials is only a friend to the club but he is always on the team technical bench, a person who is notorious for all sorts of embarrassments of his life.

His secret wedding was shrouded in disgrace by his real wife whom he wanted to avoid for another one in Koforidua. He was a failure when he was given B/A United team as CEO. He was recently sent to court by Nana Kobi, the then board chairman of the club for embezzlement of the club’s funds. If such a person with all this bad and horrible record is on the B/A Stars technical bench, do you think the club would survive?

He doesn’t think about the club’s progress but the money involved, quiet apart from all this above bad behaviour mentioned, he is an incitor, who once incited B/A United supporters to attack journalists Raymond Yeboah and Kwaku Adyei Richard of Ark FM fame at the Sunyani Coronation Park.

It’s a disgrace that somebody who has been a sports presenter before could invade Ark FM studious to attack sports analyst Raymond Yeboah into coma, what kind of good omen can he offer for the progress of B/A Stars?

So bad luck coupled with inexperienced materials within the club's management, football ignorance on the part of the club owner is the cause of B/A Stars state now and l would advice him that he should not quit football but reincarnate the team back with great experience.

*Credit: Raymond Yeboah