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John Mahama receives copy of NDC’s 2020 manifesto

Comment: Not serious

M. T.
2020-07-01 14:31:15
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This is manifesto is an example of lack of seriousness. Just wait and see. Anyways, it seems to me like NDC will replace free SHS with free TVET. which lockedup funds of financial institutions are they talking about? When they know government is already in the process of doing so. So what happens to that part of the manifesto if by December government pays all depositors? You promise posting all teacher trainees but created a backlock of teacher/nursing trainees? Cancelling NSS is also a bad idea. Through the NSS graduates earn allowance and learn the job which sometimes land many into employment they wouldn't get. Besides, every country has a national service, if you look outside the box, you will see that the young graduates have been making enormous contrinution to national development through the NSS. And scrapping the NSS also means loss of several jobs at the secretariats. In short, the manifesto is dead on arrival.

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07-01 11:10
Not serious
M. T.
07-01 14:31