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My daughter is a drug addict, prostitute – Ken Agyapong cries out on live radio

Comment: You will fall in your own trap

Atinga Naaba
2020-06-13 10:39:01
Comment to:
My daughter is a drug addict, prostitute – Ken A

Ken is crying wolf and the day a wolf comes no one will take him seriously. You said Obinim wanted to kill you, the recently you NDC/Mahama, now its Nigel. Your sins are catching up with because he kills by the sword does by the sword. The blood of JB and Ahmed Suale is crying out for justice.
Yours will have no leads because when the question is asked " has Ken got any enemies who will want to harm him, the answer be "1000s of people".
The so called plot to kill you is fake. Why will Nigel go himself to seek hit men ? If it was true and u are intelligent I should have told the guys to feign interest and have Nigel arrested when he meets them. Anyway Ken said money was exchanged and it Nigel so he has evidence for his arrest so why hasn't used his National Security like he does?
Ken is setting trap for his own demise without knowing it!!!

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06-13 07:56
You will fall in your own trap
Atinga Naaba
06-13 10:39