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EC sued again over compilation of new voters register

Comment: Pan African?

2020-06-13 14:56:01
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EC will give a clean fight

My good friend, greetings. I have been following your comments on almost every article published by Ghanaweb on politics and matters of interest. Following that, I have realized you always copy and paste the same comments across all news articles on Ghanaweb. Please if I may ask, why do you do that.? I feel you should treat each article differently and comment on such by building new arguments to each other articles you read. That way it makes you relevant. But instead you have chosen to repeat the same mistakes each and every day and I am beginning to think you are a sponsored mole on Ghanaweb, who is being paid to repeat the same thing each and every day of your life.
It seems you are not bothered but come to think of it, it's rather unfortunate on your part to always decide to past the same comments on every topic even when it does not call for such.
Please I want to urge you and other similar guys on this platform who does same as you, to rather communicate by commenting on issues differently and debating your way out on issues using good judgment.
Please I hope you will listen and change the game? Cheers!

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