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EC sued again over compilation of new voters register

Comment: Dormaahene didn't speak well

2020-06-12 21:35:00
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The statement that the EC have not been able to convince you so the idea of making a new register is wrong, should not have come from such a personality like the Domaahene. To me it is shameful to all Dormaas. This Ti not the first time he has spoken publicly in favour of NDC ideas. The EC does not need to satisfy the Dormaahene before performing their programs. If he had said the whole elections must be postponed because of the Covid-19 issue, ghanaians could say he is considering the security or the health of all ghanaians. Now he has brought out in public his support for the NDC plainly, and that is very bad for a chief. If the old register is bloated hence the need for a new one, why include it in the new? What is the sence?

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Dormaahene didn't speak well
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