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Ghana’s courts to sit on holidays and weekends

Comment: let no man joke, security could not safe

Rogue Lawyer
2020-05-31 05:47:37
Comment to:
God bless you.

do you know, what calms people down ,in democracy and rule of law ? it is the trust= CALM

but when the trust is gone, it does not matter how many times, days,weeks or months the court may sit on cases, the anger cannot be quenched.

warning to the demonic spirited ECs
Ghana is going to be in a situation, their office building was no where to be found, and i cried because the devil was wining his mission.


what could safe this country is how to build trust

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05-31 01:29
let no man joke, security could not safe
Rogue Lawyer
05-31 05:47