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We are scared of coronavirus but we need to survive – Madina Hairdressers

Comment: Don't Trust Chinese Any Longer

Onipaba Of Akyem Maase
2020-04-22 20:28:15
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We are scared of coronavirus but we need to surviv

Let Chinese donation go to foreigners living in China. Simple. From the look of current situation, one shouldn't ever believe in Chinese genuinnes. Here is a so called developed country whose citizens are leaving for poor countries for Greener pastures. It doesn't make sense. This tells me that Chinese is playing smart on everyone. Come to think of Chinese having healing medicine. That's a total fallacy!! If Chinese eats rotten eggs, eggs with babies and rotten bush meat, the first question to ask is which nutrients do they get from rotten food if not poison and harmful microbes? I have seen Chinese boiling water to drink. I ask myself, are these people living on psychology? Because anything that is cooked makes the mind think it's food for the stomach. So with all these observations, I conclude that Chinese are just a people who recently came out of sever hunger and are now playing smart to survive. Their development is not real but a make-belief.

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04-22 20:28
Don't Trust Chinese Any Longer
Onipaba Of Akyem Maase
04-22 20:28