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I've never dated Kwaku Oteng’s wife ever in my life - Trigmatic

Comment: Etwi no, Otwunoko

Makaa Maka
2020-04-22 21:09:32
Comment to:
I ‘ve never dated Kwaku Oteng’s wife ever in m

Ekutia biaa Nim niwura, Trigmatic, Trignegger, Trigpady, Triglittle, and all the Trigs and you are the only person to come out with your lawyers, so if she had mentioned shatta who will come out Shatta Bundle, Shatta Berry, Shatta Wale, Shatta kombo, Shatta Negger or who... If you are a victim when you hear the first letter of your name koraa mpo ah it moves you.. Masa stop this na people respect you in the industry which I am part

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04-22 14:31
Etwi no, Otwunoko
Makaa Maka
04-22 21:09