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Govt hiding names of appointees who have coronavirus – NDC’s Yayra Koku tweets

Comment: wishful thinking

2020-03-31 11:28:46
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Your face like adode

Fork off with that resources nonsense. The cocoa you are talking about is in abundance in Volta (not Oti). How much teak plantations do you have in your poor degraded regions? Fool. If you were enlightened enough through travelling, you would see that the largest rice farms in ghana are in the southern volta. Our sea resource alone is more valuable than your entire so called bauxite blah blah nonsence. Aaaavu yakameh!!! How would you ship out your rotten cocoa and useless bauxite without the sea? Or as usual your primitive belief that you can have seaports in the hinterland deludes you into thinking that you can ship from the forest? Fool. Even the air transport is partly controlled by Torgbui Afede. Korphetor yakameh aaavu gbemela eblume movitor.

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03-31 07:21
wishful thinking
03-31 11:28