Entertainment of Saturday, 10 September 2005

Source: Spectator

Homosexual, Lesbian Clubs Mushroom In Kumasi

Sexual attraction between people of the same sex has become a new craze in the Kumasi Metropolis. This kind of attraction between same women is known as lesbianism while that in men is called homosexuality or sodomy.

The practice was, hitherto, unknown in the Garden City. Spectator investigations have revealed that there are numerous homosexual and lesbian clubs in the Garden city most of them operating at Krofrom, Bantama, Nhiaeso and Asafo. The clubs are mostly patronized by high society men and women who drive expensive cars. They are also very fashionable in their appearance.

One significant thing about them is that most of homosexuals bleach their skin and wear earrings in one or in both ears. Lesbians dress scantly and in a very seductive manner. The homosexuals are more often recruited through social functions and lured with money and gifts by the affluent.

With the lesbians, the Spectator learnt that they are young innocent girls who are initially employed by rich shop owners as shop assistants in the commercial and fashionable areas of the metropolis. Some are also employed as house-helps and during their course of duties, they are enticed with fat salaries, gifts and luxurious personal items by their ?Madams' and consequently lured into the system.