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We're poisoning Ghanaian kids! And this is why

Comment: Great article though..

2020-02-27 09:18:07
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We're poisoning Ghanaian kids! And this is why

I got what you mean but couldn’t complete reading.There is no censorship in Ghana television programs .2)most families can’t afford 2television set,one for kids and other for mom and dad and subsequently both kids and parents watching adult programs and in this regard,without affording two television Set ,I am obligated not to let tv in my living room and preferable bought ipad for the kids for their games and kids educational cartoons living the mom empty because if the
Mom watch it,the kids will prefer watch with their mom and mom won’t let kids watch their favourite cartoons .No television Period!!

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02-25 12:46
Great article though..
02-27 09:18