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We're poisoning Ghanaian kids! And this is why

Comment: They Said They Can Build A Better Nation

Eye Daavi Ne Ba
2020-02-25 18:00:19
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They diabolically overthrew a great,conscious and patriotic leader who was building a great nation for us.The proof of his great works are still there for all to see in the country, on the continent and in the world.It is now 54 years since the deceptors and traitors pushed the great leader OSAGYEFO KWAME NKRUMAH out of the stage and what have they build since 54 years?rawlings built one national theatre and akuffo is about to build one cathederal for the youth to gewt jobs as fake pastors.Ghana has been destroyed by the politicians,media,elite,christians,moslems and foreigner language lovers.Together they have produced the armed robbery and the mess we see in Ghana today.The Ghana media is one of the most useless,uncreative and unproductive institution we have in the country today.I saw it coming many years ago and I warned my friends in the media backhome.The situation now is becoming unbearable and something urgent must be done.

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02-25 12:46
They Said They Can Build A Better Nation
Eye Daavi Ne Ba
02-25 18:00