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Editorial News of Sunday, 3 October 1999

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Police, military take-over of hospitals...fees won't change

The Daily Graphic in its lead story reports that the Minister of Health, Mr Samuel Nuamah Donkor, has assured the public that hospital fees at the Ridge Hospital, La and Mamprobi Polyclinics in Accra, will remain the same after the military and police take over their administration.

He is quoted as debunking public outcry that services at the hospitals will be unaffordable, describing it as 'unfortunate' and 'a purported attempt' by some people to mislead the public. Mr Nuamah Donkor was speaking in an interview with newsmen in Accra after a joint meeting between the Ministry of Health and its donor partners. The Minister said the public has completely been misinformed about the programme and called on them to carefully analyse the situation before coming out with their views.

The Graphic says Mr Nuamah Donkor also described as 'false' the notion that health workers who will continue working under the new administration will earn more than those in the other public health institutions. He pointed out that nurses at the military and police hospitals, work for 12 hours while those in the other public hospitals work for only six hours, stressing that those who work for longer hours definitely need to be paid for those extra hours. "If they want to take that much, then they should be prepared to work extra hours as well", he is quoted as saying. GRi../

Division in Asona Royal Family deepens


In a second story, the Graphic says the division in the Royal Asona Clan of Kyebi, seat of Okyeman paramountcy, seems to be deepening with the two heads of family each claiming to be the rightful person to nominate the next Okyehene.

The paper says while Bafour Kwabena Akowuah, who was said to have been destooled by a section of the family last Saturday, maintains that he is still the Abusuapanin, the newly-appointed head of family, Mr Kofi Asante, has asked Bafour Akowuah to stay clear of all customary practices for the selection of a new Okyehene in the interest of peace and tranquillity in the area.

Meanwhile the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council has stated categorically that it still recognises Abusuapanin Akowuah as the head of family and declared null and void the alleged destoolment carried out by some members of the Asona Royal Family last Saturday.

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