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No woman likes 'drooling' Abronye – Anita DeSoso jabs

Comment: Re: No woman likes 'mouth-watering' Abronye – Anit

2020-02-16 05:32:03
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No woman likes 'mouth-watering' Abronye – Anita

What is so great about tall men with low IQs? I know a lot of tall Guys who are as dumb as fuck! Anyway, where are the so called beautiful NDC women? Most Ghanaian women bleach, wear oversize wigs, extended nails, extended eyelashes, hair weaves, etc, etc. There's nothing black African about most of them. They trying hard to be white. Few are authentic and doesn't look deceptive. A beautiful woman is the one who is proud of how they were born and look. A handsome man is the one with brains not brawn.

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02-16 01:22
Anita desosoo
02-16 12:15
Re: No woman likes 'mouth-watering' Abronye – Anit
02-16 05:32