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Black Stars will have two assistant coaches – GFA official confirms

Comment: @kotei, you misunderstood

St. Ghfuo: show love & be optimistic
2020-01-18 17:09:46
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YJan 16.2020: Confused is, as confusedoes...Yo.u know why cisse of Senegal still hasn't won a trophy with them? He has no history of having won anything as player or Coach. Prior to taking over the head coaching duties if Senegal. That's the problem. When you choose a coach with no previous trophy winning experience. This is what you get. Cisse will continue to experiment over and over until he finally brings on a TD or deputy coach. With trophy winning experience. This is not ticket science. Ghanaians are starving like Ethiopian kids for a trophy. Why bring on ck and Duncan? This is not very smart. As good as you think they are. Neither has a history of having any reputable trophy as a player or coach. After all these years. So unless you expect ing a miracle. Don't be surprised when they fail to deliver. You think you can just y by the seat of your pants anyhow and win? Do your research. Find out what Algerian coach achieved as coach. Before he was given the national team job.

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01-17 12:32
St. Ghfuo: show love & be optimistic
01-18 17:17
@kotei, you misunderstood
St. Ghfuo: show love & be optimistic
01-18 17:09