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Black Stars will have two assistant coaches – GFA official confirms

Comment: Akunnor can do it

2020-01-17 16:05:11
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Black Stars will have two assistant coaches – GF

So Stghfuo, you keep on saying someone who has win something before and all that, true! to some point, But I don't think that is all. matter of fact,it doesn't mean much in these modern style of the football games. Because, otherwise zedan shouldn't be nowhere near Madrid, with Mourinho ( your so called winning something) and the Alex Ferguson's and the rest. You get my point!! Straight to the point, at this point in our blackstars, we need a coach who can intelligently read the game, who has balls to make tough decisions( make changes without fear of names of players and their past glories), who can bring fresh ideas to these crops of players we have ( very important because nowadays every player seems to know a little bit about the game, partly due to most playing foreign, and also easy access educating oneself about the game, so in effect no player is naive as back in the day), and who can speak, and articulate his style of play. And for me, Akwasi Appiah is nothing like that. That's why I knew he can't do any high class coaching, expecially when we play against some of the foreign coaches. So yeah, for a little I know, Coachs like Titi Dramani ( no sure if I get the first name right), Akunnor are more modern, very articulate, and if they are able to be brave and believe in their style of play they can be the best for us.

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