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Meet the 14-year-old boy who is revolutionizing education in Ghana

Comment: Re: Akufo is shameful, disgraceful to Africa

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2019-12-28 16:43:25
Comment to:
Akufo is shameful, disgraceful to Africa

Do you underst as nd yourself so called Rebecca a stupid ndc fool why don't you use Lordina aboa ba like you! do you see the difference between you and us? when we use our brains you use your stomach hence your hate ! a12 year old boy from the Eastern region is in the university and he could think better than John mahama and now another teen ager from the same region has seen the free SHS has given them the chance to think on their own except ndc fools can't think because they busy on rigging mmoa, this boy has discovered in the Internet how to access books and scripts without buying them ndc can't think that big only hate, enviness and Nkwasea akeka nkoaa! agyimifuo! Ghana will be better of without ndc! mo agyimi dodo !

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12-28 10:59
Re: Akufo is shameful, disgraceful to Africa
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
12-28 16:43