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Detaining my '70-year-old wife wrong, show maturity' – Papavi to govt

Comment: Do we want things to fall apart?

2019-11-23 15:19:26
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Re: So where is this old man ?

I am afraid that if one of them is dead, powerful world bodies may come in for Ghana to lose seriously. These groups are pushing government to act beyond limits so that they have more case to present at the international arenas where they know well Ghana may lose once the case gets there. Moreover, it seems some 'powerful engineers' may be the triggers behind them. We all see them as feeble but they appear not. Similarly, those who triggered secession in Sudan, Eriteria, Yougoslavia, East Timor, etc., appeared feeble but used pen and paper to make the case expanded leading to a complete secession. They may be acting and intentionally pushing things on behalf of 'powerful authority' that we must be careful of. Small fire develops into blaze and smokes because the group is too bold, intelligent, tricky to use electronic and very organised. Until a single one is killed by security operatives of Ghana the full support behind them will NOT reveal. I see this case as not a joke but requires portray of unity, which the group unfortunately no longer wants to hear. Well, let's remember that the clay-pot of peace will break apart one day if we continue to beat it with stick everyday.

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Do we want things to fall apart?
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