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Vote 'Yes' on December 17 referendum and divide Ghana - Sammy Gyamfi warns

Comment: Yes, my hands are up!

2019-11-20 02:09:46
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Vote 'Yes' on December 17th referendum - Sammy Gya

Yes, I will vote Yes but with a condition. Considering the frequent brutalities and inhumane treatment meted out to opposing party members, I would definitely go Non-Partisan in the elections of these officers.
Any eligible citizen in the community can stand for office, on his/her own merit, not on party lines. Partisanship at this level close to the ground is highly inflammable. Are the NDC/NPP members in the opposing party's communities or strongholds be assured of their safety? Looking at what has been happening in elections in general over the years, I recommend a review, so that a Yes vote would elect officers on their own merit, not by party membership.
Ghanaians want to elect their own officers, that is my opinion, what is yours?

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Yes, my hands are up!
11-20 02:09