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Mahama winning a second term will be punishment from God – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Nonesensical talks

2019-11-05 13:26:28
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Mahama winning a second term will be punishment fr

It is you Akuffo Addo and your book economist Bawumia who are the punishment from God to Ghanaians. God made you None Performing Party (NPP) to win the 2016 so thar He will expose your lies to Ghanaians. Mahama was bad but you are worse, boss. You are the exact opposite of everything you said. You are corrupt and so shield corrupt people in your government. You opened up the nation's purse for your family and friends to pick from it at will. They pick any amount they want any time. Your security system is very bad. Massa, can't you see the writings on the walls? If you can't see them because of your glasses can't you hear your own party members reading them to you? Or your ears too are blocked? You disappointed all the people who campaigned for you. You are a total disgrace to Ghanaian elcectorates. Please shut your mouth up and let's think of what to do koraa.

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Nonesensical talks
11-05 13:26
jesus is king
11-05 13:41