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Nigeria@59: ‘No progress, people are suffering’ – Nigerian traders in Ghana lament

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2019-10-05 12:11:01
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Nigerians are happy people

Let ghanaweb continue to sprew hate and project Nigerian in neagatives, it can never be where Nigerian is in 100 years. You people are too weak docile immature coweed too submissive lazy. You are the do nothing type. That is why foreigners own everything in Ghana. Any business over 10 million dollars minus adjei and probably mahama is owned by foreigners and you are cool about that. No impact on the world except history and you are happy. Nigerian is always your benchmark. Look you can continue to ask lopsided queestions to convince yourself you are doing better. Even my state ondo state had more industries than Ghana. At best your president is only comparable to the governor of Lagos State which is by far richer than the whole Ghana 3 times. Nigerian you see or ask questions from could be disenchanted but there are 1200 million Nigerians. In Nigeria if you want the ugly you will see it, if you want the bad you will see, if you want the best you will equally see it. Continue though it has no impact

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Re: Nigerians are happy people
10-05 12:11