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Help fight corruption - NCCE to Students

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Otsibo Darko
2019-09-21 02:40:02
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Help fight corruption - NCCE to Students

How can students who even don't have employment fight corruption/ even when one is seen and reported no action is taken. Corruption is within the govt and various state/national institutions and private businesses and contractors, we know it and they know it, it is up to us a nation if we can give up our greediness for quick riches and wealth and focus on the development and industrialization of our dear country and change our corruptive attitude for the better, CHANGE MUST come from us individually with Godfearing attitude! I pity for the future generations yet unborn of enormous debt we are leaving for them to pay at which time also there will be nothing for them to rely on to pay and therefore become slaves on their motherland!

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