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Exposé on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wants him jailed

Comment: Lies, Lies

2019-07-23 16:13:16
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OH PLEASE.......Who's Ekow Taylor?

I wish I could get the chance to ask this Ekow Taylor some questions. You did not produce a single evidence. I am not NDC or NPP but there are so many lies here and there. Where are these fraud Nigerians? Do you think this Dubai company will just pay 50 million dollars to these two persons the first time when they have not done any prior business with them before? Business people are not fools in this 21 st. century. Name the people at EOCO and SEC so that they can defend themselves. This Mensgold case is no secret. It was a Ponzi.

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07-23 01:26
Lies, Lies
07-23 16:13