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Exposé on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wants him jailed

Comment: Akuffo Addo Did same to my boss

2019-07-23 13:51:23
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Exposè on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wa

Akufu Addo did the same thing to a man called Mustapha Muradi.... Anyone close to him should ask him about that name if it rings a bell in his thick head....Ask him....i was a secretary to the Lebanese business man at the time... Akufo Addo comes to the Office personally.... He later used BNI to deport the man and collected all his money.... It was very sad.. Anyone who knows about zika another Lebanese man who sells Perkins Genset on the spintex road should ask him about the issue. I think the whole of Ghana don't know who this Akufo Addo guy is.

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07-23 01:26
Akuffo Addo Did same to my boss
07-23 13:51