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Exposé on NAM1, why government ‘desperately' wants him jailed

Comment: Re: OH PLEASE.......Who's Ekow Taylor?

2019-07-23 07:07:04
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Re: OH PLEASE.......Who's Ekow Taylor?

AUTHOR: ALEX OSEI -------- PNDC/NDC have ruled Ghana (27yrs) longer than Rwanda President Paul Kegame just compare this small country after loosing about 1 million of people. With his vision Rwanda is now Africa Singapore. Leaving Ghana with visionless, corruption John Mahama and Rawlings NDC looting. WONKYE NI NDC criminals want to come back and loot Ghana. John Mahama go to Kigali and see infrastructure and stop talking. U brought Dumso,and IMF to Ghanaians. Your people in north and upper regions are still drinking water with cows, goats and pigs. What did you do for your own people? Criminals Never Again

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07-23 01:26
Re: OH PLEASE.......Who's Ekow Taylor?
07-23 07:07