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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your husbands sex - Police warn wives

Comment: Re: This law is messed up!!!!

India Sutton
2019-10-13 04:05:29
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This law is very good paa

That is so wrong and so messed up. What the heck kind of shit is this Saudi Arabia??? I mean if I don't want to have sex with my husband then why punish me for it, I don't think this is right at all. What the fuck happen to a such thing called marital rape???????? Fuck a bunch of that shit. How wrong!!!!!!

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07-21 09:00
Jersey bitch
10-09 14:19
Re: This law is messed up!!!!
India Sutton
10-13 04:05
Maxwell Gyabaa Kyeremeh , Wamfie
07-21 17:47