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You can be jailed for 2 years for denying your husbands sex - Police warn wives

Comment: I tried to kill myself over this.

2019-09-07 21:20:46
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Re: This law is very good paa

I had a husband who thought I owed him sex. If I said no he would rape me, even when I had just given birth to a baby. This led me to so much pain I tried to kill myself for the next 2 years. Only in the last 6 months have I healed my spirit enough to realize I am allowed to say no to a man. Do you want your wife to hate herself so much she wants to die because she can't be what you want? If so you are not mature enough to be married.

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07-21 09:00
Jersey bitch
10-09 14:19
I tried to kill myself over this.
09-07 21:20
Maxwell Gyabaa Kyeremeh , Wamfie
07-21 17:47