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Foreigners cannot engage in retail business - Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu

Comment: Learn from the lesson of the EU

Mr Acheampong
2019-07-20 17:05:30
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Foreigners cannot engage in retail business - Kyei

As Ghana heads towards further integration with ECOWAS which is based on the systems of the EU, they should realise that the system of government/control is to centralise power (perhaps in Abidjan?) and all directives and rules emanate from there. Sovereignty is gradually eroded as the community law takes precedence over local law. This is one of the reasons the UK has voted to leave the EU. I cannot believe that Ghana would be reckless enough to go down this road having seen the problems that have been created in the individual countries that make up the EU. Hungary is being fined because it doesn't want to take refugees from Merkel's Germany. Poland is being fined because they want to exercise control over their judiciary. Greece is being treated like a naughty boy and is having its pocket money withheld, it cannot inflate its debt away as any other country can do because the central bank controls the interest rates and currency. Do not make the mistake of going down this road. That way lies hell.

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07-20 05:01
Learn from the lesson of the EU
Mr Acheampong
07-20 17:05